Training Services

At every level of an organisation, it is imperative that employees are up-to-date with the latest legislation, working practices and underpinning theory.  You can contact us with your specific professional development requirements or ask us to perform a Training Needs Analysis.

Train Shed offers exciting and enjoyable courses to meet the requirements of a broad range of working environments:

  • Talent development:  using job descriptions and key performance indicators to inform training that will help employees change roles, develop within an existing role, achieve promotion or adapt to the requirements of a dynamic market.
  • Management and leadership development:  using job descriptions, business metrics and targets for short, medium and long-term growth to help the managers and leaders  of the organisation to get the best out of people and adopt innovative approaches to problem-solving.
  • Essentials – health & safety, first aid, IT skills, literacy, numeracy, customer service.
training services

Training Needs Analysis

As part of this service, one or more of our Learning & Development Consultants will embed themselves within your business in order to develop a clear and objective view of the training needs of the entire organisation or a department within that organisation (depending on size).  This will take place over a time period that suits the nature and complexity of the business.  The exact nature of the investigation will vary to reflect this also but the whole process will be discussed, planned and agreed in consultation with appropriate stakeholders.  There is no obligation to engage any of our training services as a result of our recommendations and our reputation for integrity and professionalism is so important to us that we guarantee that all our recommendations are completely impartial.

If you are interested in receiving a confidential Training Needs Analysis, please contact us.

At present we are offering FREE Training Needs Analysis on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  All we ask in return for this service is reimbursement of expenses for accommodation and subsistence and a testimonial for use on our website.

Bespoke Training Courses

Every business has different needs and a course that delivers improved performance amongst employees in one business may fail to address the most important issues in another.  That is why, before we deliver, we talk through the desired impact, availability of time etc.  We can also look at the kind of recognition for success that might be appropriate.  For example, does the course need to be accredited?  At every stage, you – the customer – are central to the design process.

Please contact us with your bespoke training requirements.